Who We Are

JC Lifestyle  is a Healthy Lifestyle Brand and is dedicated to a single purpose: helping other people improve their health, wellness and way of living. As an independent distributor of phenomenal and unique healthy products of YOLI, JC Lifestyle also offer fantastic income opportunity. So we invite you to join us!
More on the Owner:

JC Lifestyle is a happy family of four (4) with the goal to motivate others to create Joy, Balance and Success in a fairly lives.

Al and Rosalie, tied their knot in their late 20’s, and are blessed with two lovely children, Joey & Christina. They are very proud parents to their children who at early age in life are so well versed understanding the importance of living a healthy life.

While husband AL is the 2nd top man of one of the powerful network stations in the US, Rosalie, preferred to become a STAY HOME MOM, to  fulfill her goal of completely taking care of her family. But few years ago, Rosalie discovered how to MAKE MONEY at home through ONLINE BUSINESS and started her career as an independent business owner / distributor with a trusted company such as YOLI.

“Managing online business at home is very enjoying and stress free. I also can manage my business even on tour around the world. My online business also sells for me while sleeping. What a great life.”, as Rosalie narrated.

Backed up by her husband’s support, Rosalie, planned to create this website, to tell everyone, THERE IS FRUITFUL LIFE being home and taking care of your family while earning residual income, travel the world and most importantly seeing others getting healthy.

I hope this website will inspire all of you with our contents and advocacy!

Thank you for visiting us.